Hair We Go… My Journey with Hair Extensions


 Right before Chrysalis Hair Designs moved this past May, we started offering hair extension to our service menu.  Even being in the hair industry for 24yrs, I still wasn’t sure exactly what they were for, other than women who wanted long, flowing locks of gorgeous hair. What I have learned since we ventured into this service is that 75% of the people looking for hair extensions are women who have thin hair and want added volume, women whose hair has begun to thin and are feeling like they are balding, and normal ladies like myself, who want a little longer hair but lack the patience to grow it.

  If you have ever met me, you know I have always had short hair. My hair is thick and most often when I decide to grow it; it gets big before it gets long. In my moment of bushiness, I sit in one of the hair designers chairs and cut it back to a perfect, short cut that takes minutes to dry, perfect! The truth of the matter is, I desire to have a longer style but lack the patience. My husband Chris and I are getting ready to head out for a long weekend alone and I figured this was the perfect time to give hair extensions a try.  I would be away from my awesome staff of hair designers who could quickly fix my problem if I had any and be forced to give this new hair a chance. So far, one week in and I am in LOVE!

 Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few learning curves and moments of frustration, but that is exactly why I wanted to venture out on this journey. As the owner of Chrysalis Hair Designs, I feel it is important to know and try every service that we provide.  Typically, I am a guinea pig for most everything because everyone has to learn somehow and it truly is just hair to me.

Are you anxious to hear what I’ve learned so far? 

  • It’s real hair, but it is still attached to YOUR hair and when you pull it, it hurts a little
  • They type of brush you use make a BIG difference (Boar bristle is best)
  • When styling your hair, you might need to section off
  • Shampooing is weird but easy
  • Sleeping with hair extensions is no different than without them
  • Hair Extensions are FUN!

Are you feeling inspired to give Hair Extensions a try? Schedule your FREE consultation with Mollie at Chrysalis Hair Designs to transform your hair today. Perfectress is our preferred extension company. They offer tape in and connection hair extensions and are 100% real human hair. Hair extensions require an every 6-8wk commitment in order to keep them looking fresh and to preserve the quality of the hair.




Before Hair Extensions

After Hair Extensions