Hi LYOU are capable of ANYTHING!

By now I am sure most of you have figured out I love to learn! I am always working to improve myself and retrain my brain to let go of the old and bring in some new and more positive thoughts and habits. Life can be difficult and challenges arise, what you choose to do with those challenges and difficulties can determine how you are living your life.

Recently, we decided to partner with Charlie and Tami Smith, owners of Elite Performance, in Newark. Charlie and Tami are inspirational and caring.  Not only do they design a personalized workout, but they also help you develop a mindset that YOU are capable of anything! Charlie and Tami recently did their first webinar on “3 Fat Melting Steps to a Lasting Transformation”  Click here, to watch their webinar.  You will be glad that you did.  Now, folks, I have watched more than my share of webinars.  There is one thing in particular that stuck out to me in this one, it was the mindset!

The Story

I have struggled with my weight and body image for many years, as most women do. There was a time when I used to weigh 215lbs. This weight was a result of feeding my emotions, losing my dad and just convincing myself that ice cream WAS a food group!  

Then one day, I realized that feeding my emotions weren’t going to bring my dad back, being sad was a feeling and I needed to allow that feeling and ice cream has its place on the food chain in moderation. I woke up one morning and decide to change my mindset! . I began exercising and eating right ( no fad diet here – just good ol’ eat right and exercise) and before I knew it I had lost 55lbs.

Please know, this was almost a year-long process, but what happened was I accepted the new thought and I began seeking new ways to move forward in this goal and I believed it COULD happen. When I decided to take action, my brain moved forward in the direction of the goal – ON PURPOSE!

Here is where Charlie and Tami’s webinar comes into my story :

During their webinar, Charlie made mention of what we believe to be true about ourselves. That we often look in a mirror and still see the old us, creating an incorrect idea of who we are now… living in the past doesn’t move you forward. This hit me right in the gut!

For years in my struggles with body image and weight, I have never let go of the “inner fat girl”. I am no string bean by any means, I like being the size I currently am. The problem is that when I look in the mirror, even today, I still see the 215 lb woman from 17 yrs ago. By holding onto her, I have not allowed myself to live life ON PURPOSE.  I have taught myself to BELIEVE that “she” can come back, that “she” is just one Shamrock shake away. Why did this bother me so much when Charlie spoke those words? 

Today, I can wear a size medium shirt but still often buy a large and will buy a size 12 instead of a 10. Just in case, I purchased ski pants last year (not cheap) in a size XL only to spend the whole season hanging onto to my pants instead of the ski poles. So, I ended up having to buy another pair that fit instead. All too often, I buy an XL coat when a Large fits me perfectly. I was completely aware that I had this struggle, I have shared “inner fat girl” syndrome (my made up term) with others telling them it is perfectly normal.

But, in just ONE WEBINAR, I realized for years I have been rejecting a healthier life and not living ON PURPOSE!

Where in your life are you rejecting a new thought, belief or truth? Are you willing to let go of that old belief and believe that you can achieve your goal, live out your truth or conquer the path toward your dreams and desires?

The choice is yours.  Do you want to believe ON PURPOSE and then ALLOW your brain to process that new thought, belief or truth?Trust me, you will be glad that you did.



Hugs, Michele