It is hard to believe it is only hours away from 2018 ending and 2019 beginning! I wasn’t sure I would find time to write one last time before the end of the year, but as I was driving the other morning listening to my audiobook, a question arose in the reading that caught my attention.

Have you ever wondered what the caterpillars think about? Of course, my ears perked right up, and I found myself listening intently. While I love the thought process behind what that mighty little caterpillar does, transforming itself into a gorgeous and strong butterfly. I can’t say I have ever contemplated about what that caterpillar must be thinking while he is crawling around in the dirt, shimming up leaves and plant stalks and then all of a sudden he becomes tired and takes a long nap. Does that little bug know what is about to happen? Does it know how gorgeous it will be in just days? Can it even imagine that this kind of change is possible? Then one day it happens, the chrysalis breaks open and with all its might, what once was a caterpillar, musters up its strength and pushes it way out to discover it has wings!

If you have ever kept a caterpillar and watched this transformation happen, you know it is a slow process. When the butterfly first emerges, it slowly flaps its wings to dry them off, then we take ours outside and set it on plant and wait as this amazing creature continues to prepare itself for flight. Suddenly, off it goes! Into the wind never to be seen again.

When I think about this from a human perspective, it is so close to our own lives. Do you ever stop and think about your life and where it is now? Do you wonder where it will be in 5yrs? Are there things you wish you could change? What if like the caterpillar, you are sitting in the dirt, climbing up and down a leafy stalk wondering what’s next. It would be nice if all it took were a nap, but all it does take is a change of mindset. Life consists of 50% positive and 50% negative. Change is scary, people often don’t like it, and those who know you may get freaked out by it. It’s ok! As we get ready to sleep on Dec 31 and ponder a New Years resolution, think about this:

You have been wandering around circling the same plant and the same dirt track for so long, and you’re exhausted, so you take your nap, and when you wake you stretch YOUR wings, open your mind and push through all the negative self-talk and decide it’s time for a New YOU!

As we get ready to end 2018, let your mind explore all of the good, bad and ugly: then decide what you’re taking with you into 2019 and make a commitment to start fresh. There is only one person who can choose to transform it, YOU!

God Bless and Hugs,