If you are reading this, I will assume that you survived “Snowmagedon” that happened Friday night. It was quite a storm, wind whipping, little sleet-cicles pelting the windows, and the snow falling lightly to the ground. While some of you were sleeping, I was wide awake thinking about the next thing I wanted to share with you this year. I can’t help it, my brain seems to do its best thinking when I should be sleeping. So without further ado, today I would like to share with you why we choose EUFORA hair products and some of the awesome benefits of using an Aloe based hair care line.


    If you have been to Chrysalis Hair Designs, you know that we all LOVE EUFORA! Sometimes I even say, “ we drank the kool-aid!” EUFORA is an aloe based product line started by an original Ohio native, turned Californian, Don Bewley. Unfortunately, Mr. Bewley passed away last year unexpectedly, but through his wife Beth and son Sam, the company continues with the same passion and vision that Don had in mind. All of EUFORA’s hair care products are based on pharmaceutical grade Aloe, they contain no sulfates or chemicals, are gluten-free and use essential oils as the fragrance of their amazing line.  EUFORA started with a small line which is now referred to as the Nourish line. They have grown to add Beautifying Elixir, Smooth’n, Curl’n, Thickening, Aloe Therapy, and HERO for men in the 7+ years Chrysalis Hair Designs has carried the EUFORA brand.

   We already know why aloe is great for our skin and the fact that nothing soothes a sunburn better than a little perfectly cool aloe, but here are some great reasons to make EUFORA your next choice when choosing a shampoo, conditioner or styling product.

  • ALOE is WEIGHTLESS: this is such an important fact for all of you “fine” hair folks

  • Aloe is packed with vitamin B-12, folic acid and beta-carotene. Aloe is 99% water, making it extremely hydrating and the 1% left out are these AWESOME little molecules that provide exfoliation for your scalp

  • Aloe based shampoo and conditioner protects your hair from UV rays, chlorine and salt water, as well as protection from our lovely blowdryer and styling tools that we MUST have

  • like most shampoos and conditioners packed with heavy oils, lotions and emollients that simply coat the hair and weigh it down, Aloe begins healing the hair shaft the minute it is applied and when rinsing, the aloe deposits itself into the “potholes” in each hair strand sticking around to pack the hair shaft with vital nourishment (remember B-12, folic acid, and beta-carotene)

  • Some researchers state that due to that little 1 % of molecules aiding in exfoliation I mentioned earlier, Aloe based shampoos and conditioners also help keep the individual hair follicles healthy, preventing hair breakage and loss.

   So why choose a salon product over something from the grocery or drug store? As a professional hair designer, I hear this question a lot and I am happy to answer it, my love of EUFORA aside, the simple answer is … you wouldn’t go to your Doctor and expect him to recommend medicine from the drug store for your sinus infection or expect him to take a picture in the office to check your gallbladder, why buy a million and one products without a professional recommendation from the person who provides your hair services. We use EUFORA because it’s very first ingredient is Aloe, in almost all of the retail store and other professional lines that claim to be Aloe, not one of them had aloe listed anywhere close to the top of the ingredient list, signifying that the amount of aloe it contains is minimal. EUFORA shampoo and conditioners are 85% aloe base and the rest is just great stuff like polypeptides, essential oils, silica, they are weightless( yes, even the Smooth’n  and Deep Moisture ones ) and they are packed with love for your hair! ( I could get super nerdy here, but I don’t want to bore you:) )

  I hope that you have enjoyed, this information. In the year to come, I am looking forward to sharing Chrysalis Hair Designs with you from a different angle and providing you with tidbits about our TEAM and why we do things the way we do. All of the staff at Chrysalis Hair Designs loves to “Spread Beauty and Inspire YOU”, but we also love to make sure you are educated when it comes to your hair. 

Until We Meet Again,

Michele Lawrence, Owner