The Ticking Clock vs The Heart of the Matter


“Beauty Slowly Fades!” I saw this saying in the background of a webinar I was watching the other day. Still a couple of days later, I found myself questioning this statement and looking at it from a different angle.

  As women, we can be incredibly hard on ourselves. Come on, I know I am not alone here.  The mirror is our best friend and our worst enemy. The place we all go to evaluate ourselves from top to bottom. Wrinkles and grey hair might be where we start, then, before we realize it we begin checking out our sagging triceps, bottoms, once taut tummies and let us not forget the ever famous chicken neck! That’s right I said it, the chicken neck, the jowls, the “oh my, I look more like my mother everyday.”

The aging process is inevitable. When we look at ourselves superficially, it is easy to see each flaw. Next time you look in the mirror, SMILE! Watch your eyes glisten, feel your heart shine from the soul, feel your mood change. Think of the things you’re grateful for and the blessings in your life. While beauty may slowly fade on the outside, the beauty within can shine and be polished and last forever.

Today, take time to compliment another woman today on her smile, watch her face light up, watch the way she walks away with her head held high and know that you have added beauty to her soul!

From today forward, YOU tell your mirror about beauty don’t let it tell you! It only sees outside, BEAUTY comes from within!

Until next time,

Michele Lawrence