Who Told You That?


     “Who told you that?” This has been the question my friend asked me recently as I messaged her in a day where sadness filled my heart for no reason. (I mean truly, there was a reason, I just wasn’t willing to admit it to myself at that moment) You may be asking, “Who told me what?”  What I’m talking about are the things that we often tell ourselves. The negative self-talk that flows through your mind as you look in the mirror, as you drive down the road or sit in your office after a conversation where someone expresses displeasure with you or something that they didn’t like. The thoughts that our mind says that our heart says: “No, no, no.”  but our mind talks louder at that moment.

     What do you do when the person looking back at you in the mirror says, “You’re not good enough, unworthy, failure, not successful enough, not a good mother, wife, friend ….” you get the picture. What do you tell that person? Do you confirm her negative comments or do you reject them and replace the words with positive affirmations?

     After meeting with a wonderful group of ladies the other afternoon, I realized my self-talk had been my issue. I was believing the lies my mind was whispering. My amazing friend reminded me once again of 2 things…

     Who told you that? Who in your life told you that lie, who made you believe that about yourself or where did you get the feeling that someone thought of you?

“Whose are you?”  For me, I am God’s child and he would never talk about me the way I speak of myself at times, he would never call me unworthy or unlovable. When I take a moment to think of what he would say, it is loved, unconditionally, beautiful inside and out, smart, funny, he might even say perfect 🙂

It doesn’t matter what you believe, whoever your “universal parent” is, what matters is that you believe in YOU!

You are beautiful, unique, wonderful and perfectly made. You were created to rise and fall and life is full of ups and downs. What you believe is up to YOU!

Open your mind, listen to your heart and choose JOY!

Until next time,

  Good morning, afternoon or evening, even middle of the night if that is when you are reading this. It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything, but you know, when you just aren’t feeling inspired it is hard to put words together. Anyone else ever have that problem?

   So, last time I was here, I was shouting praises to the She’s Still There book. This time I am just finishing up an online study of that book and going through it a second time!

  Can I just tell you, it amazes me how much you miss sometimes in the first reading of certain books and where it hits you the first time is not where it hits you the second time around?

  If any of you rushed out and purchased it last time, I am telling you, READ IT AGAIN! OMG!   The section I am currently on is all about our self-talk….hold on come back here, don’t run off yet! I know it is a touchy subject, but we are our own worst enemies most of the time.

  Last night as I was reading through Chapter 24 I realized all of a sudden why I have been in such a funk the last 4 weeks, I had simply been beating myself up over something I had to do, but in doing that “thing” I felt like I was quitting, failing and giving up.

  Now I don’t know about you, all of those things don’t sit well with me in my head. When was the last time you did something that needed to be done or delivered some hard truth to a friend, loved one or co-worker and even though you were simply being honest with them or yourself, you left the conversation feeling guilty?

  Sometimes, we take on the burdens of others and place blame on ourselves. It is realizing that you are only one person. It is the old saying of “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink” that struck me last night. Even though I knew going into the situation that my heart was right and I trusted the process that led me to the conversation I had to deliver, the feelings it left me with were sadness and a feeling of failing another person.  Unfortunately, those feelings spilled over into the last 4 weeks of my life. Doubt, uncertainty, and every mistake or moment of irritation quickly turned into a “you’re not good enough” moment in my brain.

 Yesterday afternoon, my amazing friend Melissa shot me a random text asking “how can I pray for you today friend?“ While I processed her request, I giggled at how she had no idea that I had been struggling with my own insecurities for weeks, but God did and he used her to reach my heart.