Henry Margu Wigs

Do you suffer from fine, thinning hair? Are you or someone you know in treatment for cancer or other medically related issues causing significant hair loss or baldness?

Chrysalis Hair Designs now offers full wigs, hairpieces, and halos that are affordable and beautifully designed from Henry Margu. Henry Margu wigs are lightweight, comfortable and come in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths. All of the wigs at Henry Margu are synthetic blend making them easy to care for and style.

After volunteering for the Look Good Feel Better program previously offered through the ACS, Michele Lawrence, the owner recognized that being able to provide wigs locally in the community was a need. Michele did some research and with the help of a mentor who provides a wig service in New York, landed upon the Henry Margu wigs.

“ If I can help someone feel better while they are going through treatment by simply making it easy to find a wig or hairpiece while they are fighting their battle, then providing a Wig service is worth it” Michele Lawrence

Wig Consultations require a FREE consultation appointment with Michele. During your appointment, we will discuss options specifically for your needs and determine which style, color and Wig is right for YOU.