You will never find time for anything, if you want the time you have to make it.

“You will never find time for anything if you want the time you have to make it.”

I found this sentence staring back at me from the top of my planner the other day. It is funny to me the reminders that show up often to keep me in check of the things I am working on in my personal and professional life. This little statement is BIG and a source of contention in our house. I, ever the optimist and my husband, ever the pessimist often disagree on this subject. While I can move, shuffle and shake things around to make time for something important, he struggles with letting go of the schedule and commonly adds “ I don’t have time.” It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong we just prioritize our days differently.

I said the word prioritize, I know, are you SCARED? Let me add the word balance to that and I am starting to get a twitchy eye. Just kidding, in all seriousness, when we learn to make choices on who, what and when people and things get our time, we begin to find a little balance in our lives. I never said it was easy, actually, it is one of the hardest things I have done over the last year and a half. Finding the courage to say no to friends and family for this people pleasing “yes “girl has been a challenge.

What I have learned is that over time there is freedom in putting the things that are important first on my list. Freedom to be more in the moment, freedom to be focused, freedom from guilt and freedom to just be and be ok with that.

I am always reading and the last book I read was on priorities, you guessed it! It listed prioritizing in this order: spiritual, tending to your own heart, husband, kids, household, friends and then everything else. Personally, I do put my faith first most mornings and if adding coffee equals tending my own heart, then I have that mastered, but from there the lines get blurred.

After coffee, I normally feel like a dog chasing my tail as I get breakfast for my son, pack lunches, oh yeah let’s throw some laundry in, oh wait, a shower, why aren’t you dressed son, then comes the 5 minute warning and yep you guessed it running out the door late.

How many of us really take the time to balance our lives? How easy is it to stick to the plan you make? Making the plan is the easy part for me, following through is hard. Life happens and before you know it, I am back to tail chasing. Writing for me is a joy. I schedule a time to do it and distractions happen.

This post actually started 2 weeks ago and I was frustrated that I let something take over the priority. Then, the other day sitting in the sun I realized all I needed for the words to flow was sunshine and a peaceful spot. I could’ve given up on it but it brings me joy to share words with you. I may have let life plan me for a moment, but I refused to let it own me, and I tried again.

In closing, I sit in the sun at one of my favorite places, prioritizing and seeking balance in my heart. (Look, I’m tending me) and when I leave this space I will follow the rest of my plan for the day. Today may be good, tomorrow may be messy.

If you are one of those super organized people, I applaud you and am jealous. If you are not, just start one step at a time and plan. If and when you fall off the wagon, get back on, don’t beat yourself up, find your focus and DON’T feel guilty. Perfection is not what is expected it is in continuing to try that we achieve!